: bliss : Tiffany blue

Tiffany blue has been one of my favorite colors for years, and now it seems to be a favorite color for brides, too.

With its romantic association with the famously glamorous jewelry brand, not to mention the delightful Audrey Hepburn film "Breakfast at Tiffany's", this particular shade of aqua conjures something special.

Such a lovely cool hue...Just perfect for a wedding.

(Or for a room, a bed, or a pair of shoes!)

P.S. To see more fabulous Tiffany blue images, go here, to my new blog, lamb & blonde.


I've Moved - Just a Reminder

Hope to see you on my new blog, lamb & blonde! Just thought I'd say hello and mention it, in case you missed the last posting.



My new blog!

My new blog, lamb & blonde, is up and running!

I will be focusing my blogging energy there, from now on. I will continue to blog about inspiring style finds from the realms of fashion, interior design, weddings, and more.

I have had such a great time blogging here on Blogger, and connecting with other bloggers. I'm looking forward to making many new connections, with this new blog, and strengthening ties with those I already know. Thank you for being wonderful friends and followers. 

Hope to see you on lamb & blonde! Thanks!

Save Water and Drink Champagne!

Sounds good to me!

(image via zsa zsa bellagio)


i heart vintage drinkware

1930s Henckels travel cocktail shaker set via vintageseekers.com

Vintage glasses, decanters, and the like just seem so charming. There is something sweetly glamorous about sipping champagne from a lovely etched saucer, or enjoying your morning glass of orange juice from a pretty floral tumbler. I've always collected such glasses, and I plan to start up a new collection, when I return to Australia. Some of my old favorites are now in my mom's cupboards, and I can use them while visiting, which is a comfort. I'm sure I'll find new pretties in Oz, to bring a little sparkle to daily life.