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Photos by Chris Nichols


a new theme series inspired by weddings and bridal beauty


Eva Green in "Cracks"

I haven't seen the film "Cracks" yet, but it seems interesting. Eva Green certainly is gorgeous in these 1920s-style ensembles. The clothes alone make me want to see this movie. I love that era.



There's nothing quite like a dramatic pair of earrings to make a girl look and feel glamorous.


Cate Blanchett in golden gown

Gorgeous. Stunning. Absolutely beautiful. I think this photo of her perfectly captures her elegance, strength, poise, and allure.


Etro, Vogue, Sept. 2010

Drew Barrymore in "Grey Gardens"

I love the black and brown ensemble she is wearing in the bottom image, especially the pattern of the blouse, the chic skinny belt, and the perfectly curvy skirt. I just noticed the sexy yet demure sheer black gloves.
Drew looks fabulous!

Diane Kruger in "Inglorious Bastards"

No, I have not seen the movie, but she certainly looks gorgeous in this 1940s-inspired suit.

Michael Kors, Vogue, Sept. 2010

origami autumn leaf earrings by funny sky

So perfect for this time of year!

Cate the Great

Cate Blanchett as Kate Hepburn in "The Aviator"


cameo earrings

I got these b&w cameo earrings at Target for just $3.99.
I think they are so pretty.
Casper seems to like them as much as I do!

lovely gift from Laurie

Last week, I was the lucky recipient of a lovely gift from my friend and fellow blogger, Laurie, of Buttercup Bungalow. She sent me this pretty paper set, with the very inspiring quote "The best way to prepare for life is to begin to live", along with a fabulous postcard of Audrey Hepburn, from "Breakfast at Tiffany's", one of my favorite films, and an adorable postcard of a white cat (like my Casper, whose paw is showing) on a pink chair. Laurie knows my tastes so well. I was thrilled to get such a sweet and thoughtful gift from her. Thank you, Laurie!

new address book

I got a new address book, as a symbol of new beginnings. Yesterday I transfered over info from my old one, the few entries that I still need. It felt good to do that.
Out with the old, in with the new!

home sweet home

I'm staying with my mom for a little while, until I move to Australia, to be with the love of my life.

The guest room, which I'm using, is a peachy-pink color, and has very old-fashioned floral curtains on the two large windows behind a vintage 1950s desk (where I am currently typing on my laptop). The twin bed has a pink and blue quilt, which I normally would not go for, but seems perfect for this room.

Being in this house, it is lovely to see beloved photos, like the one of my maternal grandmother (shown above), and sweet little reminders of times gone by. I'm going to scan and save some old photos soon. That is one of several projects I want to do before moving.

I've added my own things to the mix, in this room, like little sparkly wooden boxes filled with tiny treasures like rings, Chinese fortunes, and white beach stones, which I collected over the summer. And I have been finding childhood items, like the Hershey's chocolate tin I got on a family vacation in Hershey, Pennsylvania, and an assignment from 6th grade, displaying my ultra-girly handwriting.

I never thought I would enjoy being back in my small hometown, but time here is proving to be quite a comfort, before the big move "down under".