Light a fire

There is something oh-so-cozy about sitting around a fire outdoors. I'm craving a fire bowl for the garden, for a spot to warm up, while enjoying a cool evening under the stars.


My ideal bed...

...would have this pale grey tufted headboard.

I love how large the headboard is, just right for reading in bed, or watching a movie. And I love the side wings, like two bookends, making the bed like a space unto itself.

My boyfriend and I have been searching for a headboard like this, to no avail. Every shop we've looked at has the same limited choices for headboards. We already have the perfect bed (seriously, it is the most amazingly comfortable bed I have ever slept in!). Now we just need the perfect headboard. Maybe we will just have to DIY our own version. We'll see...


: bliss : white wedding cakes

I know a white wedding cake may seem to be a little boring, compared to cakes featuring color, but I just think white wedding cakes are timelessly elegant.

Like snowflakes falling on a smooth white lawn, or white flower petals drifting down from a blossoming tree, a white wedding cake evokes pure romance.

As with a bride's white gown, enticing the eye with variations on the white theme, such as different materials and decorative touches, a white wedding cake can be uniquely lovely. And, of course, there is also the possibility of a cupcake tower, which is a popular choice now.

Whether it be an unfussy design or an elaborate one, white wedding cakes look sweet to me.


Ann Taylor Spring 2011

I'm loving the looks I'm seeing for spring 2011 by Ann Taylor. Her line is always so classic and chic, and this season is no exception! Tailored and pretty at the same time. And I just love the flowers and trees in the ads. So romantic. Have a fabulous weekend, everybody!


i heart vintage perfume ads

Vintage perfume ads are just so glamorous... So dreamy, so romantic, so ethereal...

I don't wear perfume these days, just my favorite scented lotions from Bath & Body Works (I stocked up on them before leaving the U.S.). But I still like to catch a whiff of some tantalizingly feminine perfume, and I certainly enjoy looking at beautiful vintage ads like these. (I've also shown vintage cosmetics ads, as you may have noticed--as they are just as pretty!)