I've Moved - Just a Reminder

Hope to see you on my new blog, lamb & blonde! Just thought I'd say hello and mention it, in case you missed the last posting.



My new blog!

My new blog, lamb & blonde, is up and running!

I will be focusing my blogging energy there, from now on. I will continue to blog about inspiring style finds from the realms of fashion, interior design, weddings, and more.

I have had such a great time blogging here on Blogger, and connecting with other bloggers. I'm looking forward to making many new connections, with this new blog, and strengthening ties with those I already know. Thank you for being wonderful friends and followers. 

Hope to see you on lamb & blonde! Thanks!

Save Water and Drink Champagne!

Sounds good to me!

(image via zsa zsa bellagio)


i heart vintage drinkware

1930s Henckels travel cocktail shaker set via vintageseekers.com

Vintage glasses, decanters, and the like just seem so charming. There is something sweetly glamorous about sipping champagne from a lovely etched saucer, or enjoying your morning glass of orange juice from a pretty floral tumbler. I've always collected such glasses, and I plan to start up a new collection, when I return to Australia. Some of my old favorites are now in my mom's cupboards, and I can use them while visiting, which is a comfort. I'm sure I'll find new pretties in Oz, to bring a little sparkle to daily life.