Annie Hall style

Last night, my boyfriend and I watched "Annie Hall", the iconic 1977 Woody Allen movie. Ok, I honestly cannot say that I liked the film very much (Woody Allen just gets on my nerves, sorry), but I did enjoy seeing Annie's wardrobe. As has famously been reported in fashion magazines, Diane Keaton provided her own clothing for the character of Annie Hall. Her relaxed way of pairing menswear with loose trousers, floppy broad-brimmed hats, and big beige sunglasses has been a source of style inspiration ever since. The current trend for such grooviness is making me wonder if I could pull off this kind of look. All I know is, I'm craving a pair of brown oxfords, beige shades, and some wide-leg pants, all of a sudden.


perfect red cocktail dress

Since I'm in the cocktail mood... I think I'll slip into this vintage red tulip dress. (I wish!)


Pour me another...

If you want to drink in style, why not do so at home? Sounds good to me! I would love to have a fabulous drinks cart, trolley, or table, featuring lots of pretty glasses, bottles, and accessories. For now, I will just peruse images of such lovely things... Cheers!


happy weekend!

Hope this photo makes you smile. I like it. (Click on for the larger view. This pic would make a lovely desktop image!)

I found it here.

Happy weekend, everyone!


Baby Dior

Since I loved the Baby Dior video so much, I looked for images of the clothing line. Everything is so pretty and chic! Not surprising, really, right? I mean, it's Dior we're talking about. Always chic.

Baby Dior video

This video is so adorably sweet and stylish! It makes me want to be a little girl again, running around wearing pretty dresses and silly hats--and I so want the bunny! I love the "Alice in Wonderland" theme, as that was my favorite story, when I was a kid.

Thank you, Laurie, of Buttercup Bungalow for sending me this video. It's making me smile.