blue & brown

I have always adored the combination of blue and brown, with its balance of cool and warm tones. Reminiscent of blue sky and brown branches, blue sea and brown pebbles, blue eyes and brown hair, or any number of nature's juxtapositions, this color scheme never fails to delight my eye.

Perhaps, in my dream home, the study would be done up in this theme. Or maybe a baby boy's nursery. Or I might like to have a blue and brown kitchen, laundry room, or hallway--especially a hall painted in wide horizontal stripes. I would love to paint my front door robin's egg blue, and have a marvelous blue and brown patterned wallpaper in the entry.

One of the best things about this color combination is how beautifully it can be accented with almost any other color, such as sunny yellow, apple green, or rosy pink. Silver is also striking as an accompaniment.

Whether found in nature, a room, or a cupcake shop, blue and brown is always a treat.

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Ms Smart said...

fun collection of b&b
great images
images are so exciting to me
love your set