These images are dedicated to someone I like to call The Purple Lady, who I had the pleasure of seeing yesterday. She wears head-to-toe purple every day, right down to her nail polish, and she even has a car with custom purple interior and purple tinted windows. She is probably in her late 70s. I have a feeling she lives in a purple house with purple everything. Why not? Purple is a fabulous color.


Ms Smart said...

great set
purple is a good color

"one eyed, one horn, flying purple people eater..."

GG said...

I've heard that purple was a very difficult colour to create permanent dyes for - a horribly lengthy process involving fermenting sea creatures.

So, purple is associated with finery, wealth and power. I love it best, when worn in nature - on Jacaranda trees, lavender bushes, and the occasional untreated field of Salvation Jane.

Kim Grey said...

I, too, have heard that creating the dye for purple hues was quite difficult--although I don't recall anything regarding fermenting sea creatures. (I have a feeling you are teasing me with that one.)

Purple has always been a favorite color of mine. My fascination with the color began in grade 5 when I rebelliously (or so I thought, at the time) declared purple to be my new favorite color--as opposed to pink, of course. I wore a lot of purple that year. I recall trying to convince my parents to re-do my pink bedroom into a purple theme, but they were unconvinced. To this day, the room is rose-tinted.

I have my eye on a chysanthemum pattern bedspread in a gorgeous shade of violet. The bedroom seems to be a marvelously feminine place in which to indulge my love for purple. Yes, indeed. ;)