spring scarf style

Spring is the perfect time of year for scarves.

Whether the scarf is long, short, silk, knit, floral, striped, vintage, or new, you can wear one to add a dash of romance to almost any outfit.

Wrap a scarf around your neck, tie one on your purse strap, or wear one on your head to protect your hair from the wind.

Scarves are perennially chic.

I'm especially fond of floral print scarves for spring. Soft colors and sweet flowers make me smile.

I also love the idea of making toss pillows with vintage silk scarves.

The currently trendy romper pairs very well with the ever-fabulous look of a scarf.

Or wear a long scarf with shorts or a mini dress for long-short contrast.

Let the wind blow and the rain fall!

A spring scarf will go
with the flow.

1 comment:

Ms Smart said...

i like scarfs. small stories in a swath of fabric. changes your outfit. icing on the cake. nice selections. love the blue bag and scarf that looks so you. chic and individualized.