silver & gold & white holiday decor

I'm getting excited about Christmas.
I want to go with a silver and gold holiday color theme this year, with white lights and white accents. It's an elegant look, and will be a good basis for future color schemes.
Our barely-furnished house calls for a simple color palette, so this will work well. We're going to get a real tree, which is a first for me. I have always had fake ones.
I'm so looking forward to the scent of pine filling the house, and making our new place sparkle for the holiday season.


David said...

What beautiful images of gold and silver Christmas decor! I especially love the gold and silver ornament and the circles dangling in front of the window. I'm planning to use gold and white to decorate the interior and window of my boutique flower shop. Good luck with your decorating! I'm sure it will be beautiful!

Kim Grey said...

Thank you. Good luck with your shop decorations. Happy Holidays!