i heart stripes

I'm craving a striped 3/4 sleeve top, preferably grey and/ or navy blue. After seeing Audrey Tautou wearing a striped top in the film "Coco" about Coco Chanel, I've been wanting one. So chic, non? I especially like the top with the adorable bow on the back.

Even more fab would be a full-skirted striped cotton sundress, like the one featured in the vintage pic above. But that would have to wait until warm weather returns, I suppose.


Alicia said...

Love. Would you happen to know where to get that sweater in the second photo? Or even the original photo source?

Kim Grey said...

I looked and looked for the source and wear to buy that sweater, when I first found the image, but couldn't locate it, sorry. I would love to have it, too!