Ann Taylor Spring 2011

I'm loving the looks I'm seeing for spring 2011 by Ann Taylor. Her line is always so classic and chic, and this season is no exception! Tailored and pretty at the same time. And I just love the flowers and trees in the ads. So romantic. Have a fabulous weekend, everybody!


Kellie Collis said...

Gorgeous outfits from Ann Taylor as always! I'm loving the laces from the last outfit. Enjoy the beautiful weekend, Kellie xx

Kim Grey said...

Thanks for dropping by, Kellie!

I have a white ruffled skirt very similar to that one, but in cotton. I wear it a lot in summer. Now that I've seen this Ann Taylor look, I'm thinking of pairing the skirt with a jacket, as shown, for an autumn look.

padawan said...

where does one find the ivory dress with spaghetti straps that katie holmes is wearing on this site from the spring 2011 collection? My fiance wants to wear that dress for our wedding and we cannot seem to find it anywhere. Thanks.

Kim Grey said...

Padawan, I just looked at the Ann Taylor site (http://www.anntaylor.com/ann/home/index.jsp), and found that dress was no longer available. It was from the Spring 2011 collection.

Your fiance may be able to find the dress still on the sale racks at Ann Taylor stores. Or she could try finding it on ebay.

Good luck, and congratulations!