: bliss : bird cake toppers

Because I found so many cute bird cake toppers, in my search for bird-theme wedding images, I just had to share them in a separate post.


Kellie Collis said...

How adorable! I'm pretty sure the wedding guests are going to talk about these. Have a wonderful day, Kellie xx

Kim Grey said...

Thanks, Kellie!

cassie said...

Hi Kim!
i am in *LOVE* with the third picture love birds, the love birds with the wedding dress w/veil an suit with top hat!!
I am getting married on May12 of this year an our theme is love birds vintage, an i would Love to purchase this as our wedding cake topper. If possible can you give me the web address if there is one for this item!

Cassie J.

Kim Grey said...

Hi Cassie!

That sounds like a wonderful wedding theme. Congrats!

The bird cake topper in image 3 was made by Ann Wood, and you can see her work on: http://www.annwoodhandmade.com/

Also check out her blog at:

Sarah Gutowski said...

I love the bird cake toppers you found! I'm getting married next summer and would love to know where you found image 2 and 5? I'm going with a wedding theme of "love birds" and these are too perfect.

Kim Grey said...

Hi Sarah,

Thank you so much for visiting! And congrats on your engagement.

Those two cake topper sets were both made by Ashley Anna Brown, and you can find them on her etsy page.

Best wishes!