: bliss : breathtakingly beautiful gowns

Claire Pettibone gown with 3-dimensional flowers via stylemepretty.com

Chanel gown Spring 2006 via stylebistro.com

Elie Saab gown Spring 2006 via stylebistro.com

Nicole Miller gown via weddingdressgown.org

 (source unknown)

I don't know about you, but I never tire of seeing beautiful wedding gowns. The more voluminous, the more lace, the more bedecked with roses, ribbons, and finery, the better. Not that more subtle gowns hold less appeal--no, I do swoon over them, as well. But nothing catches my eye like a romantic gown, full of layer upon layer of billowing fabrics, gowns with dramatic back designs, and dresses made of the finest lace.


Laurie Eno / The Daily Corgi said...


There is just nothing lovelier a wedding gown. I too love all the voluminous, diaphanous "over the top"-ness, and the more refined but equally beguiling ones.

I don't think women will ever grow weary of wanting a dress like this for their big day. It's a magnificent costume fit for the day.



sarah said...

Does anyone know who the designer of the low back gown and a bow is? I have searched in vain and would love some help! Thank you!