cloche encounters

by yellowfield7 on etsy.com

Dorian Leigh wearing a pale pink cloche by Madame Reine and a plunge-necked rayon crepe dress from B.H.Wragge, ca. 1946 via flickr

by katarinacouture on etsy.com

by yellowfield7 on etsy.com

Since I'm on a fall fashion kick, I feel the need to wax poetic on the beauty of the 1920s-inspired cloche hat. This bell-shaped beauty, which we are seeing more of this season, from the likes of Kate Spade and anthropolgie, has always been a favorite of mine. 

I'm so glad I bought a deep purple wool cloche from Target last year. It is nice and warm, covering my ears just so. Not to mention adorable. Good thing I left it here, so I can wear it this season. But I do plan to send it out to Oz, to have when the weather turns chilly there. A girl needs to be prepared for all weather, and do so stylishly. Don't you agree?

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Laurie Eno / The Daily Corgi said...

These make me wish I had the right type of head for a hat!

Alas no. But they are all beautiful.